Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Burning Fat With Supplements - How Does It Work?

Do you want to be serious about losing weight, but are afraid that your motivation will fade when you don't see quick results? An interesting proposition for people with great enthusiasm, but short-term patience are fat burners - dietary supplements intended to be combined with sports training. In this short article, you will learn all about them at the beginning of the challenge.

How do fat burners work?

Fat burners are supplements that increase the effectiveness of lipolysis, i.e. the process of breaking down body fat during exercise. Most of them base their action on thermogenesis. Thanks to the increased body temperature and increased sweating, our metabolism has a chance to accelerate. However, this solution is not recommended for people suffering from hypertension or heart conditions, who should look for other types of these supplements.

All fat burners are primarily aimed at increasing energy levels during exercise and preventing strength loss, which simply translates into better weight loss results. Using them without following a training plan is somehow against the principle of their operation. Fortunately, good fat burning supplements will keep you from sitting still.

Fat burners often have a positive effect on the cognitive functions of the human brain, thanks to which the novice athlete can better focus on the dream goal and avoid external distractions.

What substances can fat burners contain?

Some fat burners contain caffeine, which stimulates the body to move and motivates to exercise. However, it is not an essential element of these supplements and people who do not like caffeine will easily find products that do not contain this substance. In addition, the composition of fat burners includes:

  • L-tyrosine is needed for the synthesis of adrenaline and norepinephrine, i.e. hormones responsible for initiating fat burning;
  • Forskolin, also known as Indian nettle, accelerates the transport of fatty acids into muscle cells for burning;
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, which by manipulating the sensitivity of individual tissues to insulin, make more carbohydrates from the bloodstream go directly to the warmed up muscles, instead of becoming the building block of adipose tissue. Green tea extract has a similar effect;
  • Extract from bitter orange, ashwagandha or ginseng to prevent deterioration of well-being or a decrease in energy and motivation to play sports.

Is the use of fat burners safe?

As long as you use supplements ordered from a reliable supplier, your health is not at risk. Remember, however, that by purchasing unapproved fat burners you run the risk of disturbing the rhythm of the heart and kidneys. Side effects of taking these supplements can include insomnia, irritability, and lowered libido, but they appear almost entirely in people who do not follow the dosage recommendations provided in the package insert.

How to choose the best fat burner for yourself?

Before you invest money in lipolysis-accelerating supplements, make sure you are motivated to follow your diet and training plan. Fat burners are great tools to speed up the weight loss process, but of course, there is no way to speed up something that a person is not working on himself.

If this will be your first contact with dietary supplements for athletes, it is worth starting with the most natural substances, thanks to which you do not risk unexpected side effects. Beginners are recommended primarily L-kartinin, green tea extract or cayenne pepper extract.

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